Five years after EXPO Shanghai 2010, the world celebrates the World Cities Day at EXPO Milan 2015

Five years after EXPO Shanghai 2010,  the world celebrates the World Cities Day at EXPO Milan 2015

There is an annual event, during which the international community celebrates urbanisation and urban sustainable development: the World Cities Day.

Five years after the closing of World Expo Shanghai and on the closing day of World Expo Milan, the celebration of the World Cities Day is the occasion to recall, renew and expand the ideas and practices of the Shanghai Expo Declaration for future development.

Since Expos have always had a strategic role in urban planning, the future of cities is one of the main concerns for the BIE. If historically, Expos have contributed to transform and even built the urban landscape of the great cities of the world – Paris, New York, Chicago, London, Brussels, notably, today, Expos are also fuelling global debates and the development of shared practices for designing, planning and building quality environments for urban life.

Any World Expo has the three objectives of education, innovation and cooperation that help frame the theme and identify new ways of presentation and promotion.

Expo Shanghai 2010 stressed education, promoted innovation and facilitated cooperation for urban quality of life, which is a top priority.

Expo Milan 2015 has been an extraordinary platform to showcase innovation and improve living conditions, to bring people together in a spirit of dialogue, cooperation and cultural diversity and communicate on the major challenges related to food and nutrition.

The World Cities Day being one of the legacies of World Expo Shanghai. Its celebration in Milan establishes a meaningful continuity for the BIE, which has placed a great focus on Expos as a process of cooperation rather than as punctual events viewed as the celebration of an organising country.

Looking forward to the next Expos in Astana in 2017 and in Dubai in 2020, the BIE remains committed to ensuring that Expos are a strong reference for improving quality of life in cities and for urban sustainable development.

EXPO Milan 2015 closes its gates but the journey continues

For the last 184 days, host country, participating countries, governments, intergovernmental organisations, civil society, companies, have worked hand in hand for Expo Milan 2015, a World Expo that has united the world around a major goal: to create a grand international gathering of nations and cultures with the goal of educating citizens and promoting progress for "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life" for today and tomorrow.

2015 closing ceremony

For visitors and participants alike, Expo Milan 2015 has offered unmatched opportunities to experience cultural differences, to understand on-going global efforts and to learn about different paths for future progress.

In a world where the channels by which humanity interacts and learns about one another are completely transformed and in a world where local actions have global impact, Expos are called to fulfil a new role, which is potentially more powerful than the one in the past. Today, to be effective platforms for education and progress, Expos must inspire and connect the actions of governments and civil society in their common effort to develop and implement sustainable solutions to the universal challenges.

Expo Milan 2015, with its theme Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life, helped promote the Millennium Goals and provided a common laboratory to humankind where everyone was allowed to exchange, discuss and experiment in a non-confrontational, constructive, practical and truly universal way.

Italy and Milan have offered a world a memorable Expo and have supported the BIE in advancing the role of Expos in the 21st century, showing that Expos are at the service of the ideals of our global society and function as powerful instruments that engage the world's citizens to contribute to the efforts of the international community.

2015 closing ceremony 2

Expo Astana 2017 with the theme "Future Energy" and Expo Dubai 2020 "Connecting minds, creating the future" have received the BIE Flag to continue this journey to sustainable development through education, innovation and cooperation.


The BIE celebrates its Day at EXPO Milan 2015

The BIE celebrates its Day on October 30, 2015 and this is the opportunity to celebrate the joint efforts of its member states and to thank all those who have contributed to the success of EXPO Milan 2015.

2015 bie day 01

EXPO Milan 2015 has achieved important results in many respects such as country participation, visitor attendance, pavilions quality, environmental management and new exhibition forms, among others

This success tells again a lot about the inherent sustainability of Expos. For over 160 years World Expos have helped humanity to make sense of change and to navigate through difficult times. The inherent sustainability of Expos is rooted in article one of the BIE Convention.

The celebration of the BIE Day is the occasion to recall that Expos are unique global platforms that define Education, Innovation and Cooperation as the three permanent foundations of all Expos. Each new Expo brings a new location, a new theme, a different configuration of participants, exhibitions, cultural contexts and practices that, as Milan has done, bring unique new vision to the event and to the world.

The BIE Day also celebrates Expos as a universal framework established around core values and practices that are designed to support progress, solidarity and education. EXPO Milan 2015 has been a concrete example of the ability of organisers and participants to create an event that was capable to fulfil some of the needs and expectations of the times. This conviction is a strong legacy that EXPO Milan 2015 can leave to the BIE and the Expo movement.

As previous Expos have done before, Expo 2015 Milan has planted the seeds of ideas and practices that will continue to grow through the future Expos, notably Expo Astana 2017 and Expo Dubai 2020, with the same spirit of enthusiasm, optimism and desire to continue to explore better ways to build a sustainable future.

Official Participants at EXPO Milan 2015 receive awards

Universal Expositions are unique events whose mission is to educate the public creating experiences that combine the different facets of the global society, spur creativity and exchanges. The theme of an Expo constitutes its core element, its fundament from which actions, communication, architecture and participations derive.

2015 bie awards

On the occasion of the celebration of its Day, the BIE invite the Participants in EXPO Milan 2015 to an award ceremony, in which they will receive a special recognition for their contributions and efforts in developing their theme and implementing it in the architecture, the display and the scenography of their respective pavilions.

Prizes and awards have a long-standing tradition in Expos; the first prizes and awards were granted at Expo 1851 in London. After an interruption of diverse decades, the tradition "resuscitated" at Expo 2005 Aichi in Japan (Nature's Wisdom), and became an inherent part of Expos, a communication instrument, and a driving force in the participation of the countries.

As Expos have evolved in their nature, their scope and scale, the criteria for the awards have also evolved, from innovation driven by materials and products, to a theme specifically supported by solutions and practices.

An international jury, composed experts in the fields of World Expos, architecture and exhibitions, evaluated the participants' pavilions taking into consideration aspects of participation, such as the architecture of the pavilion, innovation in design and exhibits, the messages, the flow of circulation and the environmental solutions proposed, all related to the theme "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life".

The attribution of the awards reminds that Expos are places that turn the theme into an unforgettable intellectual, emotional, sensorial, cultural and architectural experience.

BIE-Cosmos Prize “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”

The "BIE-Cosmos Prize, EXPO Milan 2015 for "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life" awarded on the BIE DAY

2015 cosmos-prize

The project, "Nutritious diet and sustainable future for Haiti's children", submitted by the non-governmental organisation CESAL, was awarded the BIE-Cosmos Prize on the BIE Day at EXPO Milan 2015.

"Nutritious diet and sustainable future for Haiti's children" is based on comprehensive action on food safety at schools in the rural area of Fond Verrettes in Haiti. It involves training in nutrition and hygiene for the school children, their families, teachers and staff, the setting-up of a vegetable garden and a chicken farm, as well as the distribution of improved cook stoves, family-sized, which use less charcoal and firewood.

The project takes place against the backdrop of the precarious situation in the province of Fond Verrettes, where the population suffers from poverty and malnutrition, poor hygiene and health problems, and where deforestation, unproductive cropland and environmental degradation are common problems.

The project puts special emphasis on the cooperation between school staff, teachers, parents, children and local authorities to raise awareness on the need for balanced diets and food quality, thus providing an environmentally sustainable solution to fight hunger and improve health conditions.

In the context of the Millennium Goals Development and the fight against poverty and malnutrition, the introduction of new sustainable practices for people and their environment is not only an issue of local concern but affects many countries.

The project "Nutritious diet and sustainable future for Haiti's children" was selected among eight nominated projects. All of the nominated projects are considered outstanding in terms of social value, demonstrating a strong potential for sustainable effects, positive grassroots and long-term impact on the well-being of society and humanity.

The fifth edition of the BIE-Cosmos Prize will take place within the context of EXPO Astana 2017 on the theme of Future Energy.

For information on the nominated projects, please download:

The BIE-Cosmos Prize is an award given to a selected not-for-profit project pertaining to the theme of the Expo at which it is awarded.

The BIE-Cosmos Prize was created at the collaborative initiative of the BIE and the Expo '90 Foundation. At each Expo, the Prize is awarded in collaboration with the organizers of the Expo.