Connecting Minds, Creating the Future

The theme

Expos have become innovation platforms where countries can share their latest ideas on world issues, whether it be urbanism at Expo 2010 Shanghai, nutrition in at Expo 2015 Milan or energy at Expo 2017 Astana. Dubai's project offers a new approach by not focusing on a unique topic, but rather on a vision, a way of thinking, that can fuel projects and stimulate research: "Connecting Minds, Creating the Future".

The theme is based on the importance of partnership and shared experience in all human activities. This philosophy will be put into practice through Dubai's three key focus areas: Mobility, Sustainability and Opportunity. According to its organizers, the interconnectedness of these subthemes is such that they have to be addressed simultaneously in order to find truly global solutions: in that, by enabling access to markets, there can be a greater facilitation for the movement of goods, people and ideas; by enabling access to basic resources such as energy and water, there can be higher standards of education and quality of life; and by enabling access and the development of opportunity there are avenues for the development of human capital, as well as expanded access to credit, savings and investments to help build the future together.


Expo live

Expo 2020 starts with Expo Live: a program that will find, fund and bring together innovative projects thanks to the Expo Partnership Fund. Through seminars, working groups, meetings and workshops, Expo Live will connect the innovators of tomorrow with experts and potential partners. Expo Live will start during the preparation phase of the Expo and projects will be presented during the Expo in the Innovation Pavilion and Innovation labs.