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15/05/2027 - 15/08/2027
Play for Humanity – Sport and Music for All
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Hosting Specialised Expo 2027 will allow Serbia to bring much-deserved attention to Southeast Europe. Expo 2027 Belgrade will put both the organising country and the broader region on the world map, thus bringing benefits to the surrounding countries and economies.

Specialised Expo 2027 in Belgrade will be the first-ever Expo hosted in the region of Western Balkans, and is highly expected in the region of Southeast Europe, being the first Expo to be held there for over three decades.

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Due to its geostrategic location, Serbia is considered the meeting point of Eastern and Western civilisations. For this reason, besides easy access to the Western Balkan economies, and the broader Central and Southeast Europe, Serbia also reaches the Middle East, Africa, and Asia and has well-established ties in trade and cultural interactions with the region and beyond.

The participation of countries from all over the world is considered a critical success factor for Serbia, which is why the Government of Serbia has allocated a significant budget to assist and encourage the participation of developing countries and the implementation of the Expo theme in accordance with the BIE’s regulations on assistance to developing countries.

In these challenging global times, Serbia’s hope is that Expo 2027 will commence a new bright chapter of history marked by harmony, friendship, and celebration.


Play for Humanity – Sport and Music for All

The theme, "Play for humanity: Sport and Music for All", was designed with the purpose of exploring the ways in which humanity can use the power of play for building resilience of individuals and communities in a world full of insecurities.

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Play is perceived as a superpower of the future that enables humans to create, innovate and grow. The proposed theme has been further developed into sub-themes with the purpose of allowing international participants to present themselves in the best possible sense with ideas and solutions that give answer to the defined problem statement:

How to prepare human body, mind, and logic for a technology-led world full of insecurities and make them more resilient for the coming decades?
The theme will allow Expo 2027 Belgrade to be the largest celebration of global recovery shaped by the power of play and embellished with music and sport.


The Expo site concept is a part of a more expansive Urban Masterplan Complex, including a new National Stadium with a 52,000-person capacity, the Retail Complex and the future Trade Fair. All three elements are unified with a central urban landscaped promenade.

The Trade Fair and Expo site design concept is based around providing an "Urban Oasis" which would become the key urban destination for tourists, Expo visitors and city dwellers.

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A series of permanent Exhibition Halls will be arranged along the central, covered and naturally ventilated Urban Street, culminating in a vast and dramatic circular plaza, housing the main Theme Pavilions and the National Serbian Pavilion – the focal points and architectural icons within the overall complex.

A free-flowing and luscious landscaped public realm will be created for abundance of experiences, aligned with the proposed Expo theme, for thousands of Expo visitors.

About Belgrade

At the confluence of the Sava and Danube River, Belgrade is a city which has, for centuries, been a meeting point among different civilisations.

With over 7,000 turbulent years of history, one of the oldest settlements in Europe has been awarded “The New capital of COOL” title, referring to the city’s famous vibe. Belgrade is a city that has had 15 different names throughout history, has a very rich cultural and artistic life, and has been home to many great people who have left their mark all over the world.

Belgrade is not just a city - it is a metaphor, a point of view, a way of life.


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