When the BIE decides to create a new post at the Secretariat, an official announcement appears on the Internet site of the BIE: www.bie-paris.org

It is also possible to intern at the BIE if it is an obligatory part of a university curriculum and if a "convention de stage" is provided.

The BIE can put in direct contact the organisers and the candidates for employment at the site of an Expo.

The BIE owns a library specialising in World Exhibitions. The works date back to 1851 and continues to present day. This library is open for consultation upon appointment from Monday to Friday from 9h30 until 13h00 and from 14h30 until 18h00. The guide of the library is available upon request at the Documentation Service at the BIE.

The documents published by the BIE may be sent to those who are interested upon written requests (by mail, fax, email).

For general questions on the Expos and the BIE, you can first consult the BIE website: www.bie-paris.org and if you still have questions, you can contact the Documentation Service by email: bie@bie-paris.org.