Specialised Expo 2027/28

Five countries have submitted competing candidatures to organise the next Specialised Expo: the United States of America (in Minnesota), Thailand (in Phuket), Serbia (in Belgrade), Spain (in Malaga), and Argentina (in San Carlos de Bariloche).

The project examination phase for Specialised Expo 2027/28 is currently underway, with each candidate having submitted a detailed candidature dossier to the BIE.

The BIE is carrying out Enquiry Missions to all candidate countries between July and October 2022 to assess the feasibility and viability of each candidature project.

The host country of Specialised Expo 2027/28 will then be elected by BIE Member States, gathered in a General Assembly set to take place in June 2023, on the principle of one country, one vote.



The United States’ candidature is for a Specialised Expo in Minnesota between 15 May and 15 August 2027 under the theme “Healthy People, Healthy Planet: Wellness and Well-Being for All”.

All information is provided by the candidate.

Proposed theme

The United States seeks to host Specialised Expo 2027 in Minnesota under the theme "Healthy People, Healthy Planet: Wellness and Well-Being for All".

The theme aligns with one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, a set of objectives that attempt to tackle the world’s issues. This event would represent Sustainable Development Goal No. 3: Ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being for all.

The medical care and wellness economy accounts for trillions of dollars in spending world-wide each year. This sector makes up a sixth of the world’s economic activity. Minnesota is a global centre of excellence in medicine, wellness and healthcare innovation. About ten Fortune 500 companies operating in the health, nutrition, medical technology, and wellness sectors are based in Minnesota, and there are more than 387,500 workers in the health care sector.

Proposed site

The United States is proposing Minnesota as its destination for Specialised Expo 2027. The site — located just 10 minutes south of Minneapolis and St. Paul in the city of Bloomington — would offer major advantages for an Expo, including its adjacency to established light rail mass transit, lodging, attractions and its accessibility to the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport (MSP).

The site is also connected to the region by an integrated system of light rail transit, bus rapid transit and local bus routes and the state’s busiest transit and most connected station in Minnesota. The Minneapolis-Saint Paul public transit system received the 2016 Best American Transit System award and forms the backbone for connectivity to airports, rail stations, museums, concert halls, theatres, Mall of America, sports stadiums and other attractions for both local and international visitors.

About Minnesota

Minnesota — with a population of 5.5 million with 3.6 million residents living in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area — is consistently ranked as one of the top regions to live: for its safety, parks, live theatre, cleanliness, fitness and many other categories. Minnesota has one of the United States’ lowest unemployment rates and highest rates for literacy and graduation.

The state has experience hosting world-class events, welcoming more than 1 million people for the Super Bowl, 91,000 visitors for the NCAA men’s basketball Final Four, 2 million visitors to the two-week Minnesota State Fair and 40 million annual visitors to the Mall of America.

Thailand’s candidature is for a Specialised Expo in Phuket between 20 March and 17 June 2028 under the theme “Future of Life: Living in Harmony, Sharing Prosperity”.

All information is provided by the candidate.

Proposed theme

The proposed theme, "Future of Life: Living in Harmony, Sharing Prosperity" reflects Thailand's vision for a sustainable and equitable future for all humankind. The inspiration for the theme lies in our unwavering commitment to the United Nations' 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, where we believe sustainability is the key to a brighter future. Moreover, if the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it has strengthened our resolve that no single country or group of countries can prosper alone while the rest of the world suffers.

Thailand firmly believes that returning to nature is a core value for living in harmony and only with the equitable sharing of prosperity can we unite as a civilisation and transcend amid new challenges. Therefore, Expo 2028 Phuket would explore the complex relationship between humankind, technology, and nature while empowering every man, woman, and child to be able to find their own perfect ‘combination of life’.

Proposed site

The proposed 22.56 hectare site on Mai Khao Beach at the northern tip of Phuket island encompasses a sandy white beach, lush green forests, and exotic wetlands. It is part of a wider area reserved for the "Phuket World Medical Tourism City" project, which was initiated to transform Phuket into a world-class centre for medical tourism and holistic healing. It was launched in 2020 under Thailand's national agenda to realise a long-term vision of a leading international hub for sustainable development of tourism, education, and innovations, based on Thailand's Bio-Circular-Green (BCG) economy model.

This is in line with the proposed Expo theme, which aims to explore innovative solutions that will improve quality of life and accelerate socio-economic development while maintaining a delicate balance between humankind and the environment. Participants would be able to experience first-hand the beauty and natural wonder of the site while exploring possibilities for business development and future collaboration.

About Phuket

Phuket is well-known for its picturesque beaches, unique blend of cultures, and exceptional accessibility, thanks to its bustling airport, which serves 52 airlines connecting Phuket to over 60 cities around the world. Selected as one of UNESCO Creative Cities of Gastronomy, Phuket offers a lifetime experience.

The city is also renowned for its word-class wellness and medical tourism, and is praised for its wide range of private hospitals, holistic anti-aging centres, luxurious spas, and golf courses. Phuket would thus serve as a beautiful canvas for Expo 2028 where visitors would be able to share inspirations for their own perfect future.

Serbia’s candidature is for a Specialised Expo in Belgrade between 15 May and 15 August 2027 under the theme “Play for Humanity - Sport and Music for All”.

All information is provided by the candidate.

Proposed theme

The proposed theme, Play for humanity - Sport and Music for All, was designed with the purpose of exploring the ways in which humanity can use the power of play for building resilience of individuals and communities in a world full of insecurities.

Play is perceived as a superpower of the future that enables humans to create, innovate and grow. The proposed theme has been further developed into sub-themes with the purpose of allowing international participants to present themselves in the best possible sense with ideas and solutions that give answer to the defined problem statement:

How to prepare human body, mind, and logic for a technology-led world full of insecurities and make them more resilient for the coming decades?
The proposed theme would allow Expo 2027 Belgrade to be the largest celebration of global recovery shaped by the power of play and embellished with music and sport.

Proposed site

The proposed Expo site concept is a part of a more expansive Urban Masterplan Complex, including a new National Stadium with a 52,000-person capacity, the Retail Complex and the future Trade Fair. All three elements are unified with a central urban landscaped promenade.

The Trade Fair and Expo site design concept is based around providing an "Urban Oasis" which would become the key urban destination for tourists, Expo visitors and city dwellers.

A series of permanent Exhibition Halls would be arranged along the central, covered and naturally ventilated Urban Street, culminating in a vast and dramatic circular plaza, housing the main Theme Pavilions and the National Serbian Pavilion – the focal points and architectural icons within the overall complex.

A free-flowing and luscious landscaped public realm would be created for abundance of experiences, aligned with the proposed Expo theme, for thousands of Expo visitors.

About Belgrade

At the confluence of the Sava and Danube River, Belgrade is a city which has, for centuries, been a meeting point among different civilisations.
With over 7,000 turbulent years of history, one of the oldest settlements in Europe has been awarded “The New capital of COOL” title, referring to the city’s famous vibe. Belgrade is a city that has had 15 different names throughout history, has a very rich cultural and artistic life, and has been home to many great people who have left their mark all over the world.

Belgrade is not just a city - it is a metaphor, a point of view, a way of life.

Spain’s candidature is for a Specialised Expo in Malaga between 5 June and 5 September 2027 under the theme “The Urban Era: towards the Sustainable City”.

All information is provided by the candidate.

Proposed theme

In 2050, more than three quarters of the world's population will live in cities according to the United Nations. It is therefore necessary to reflect on one of the main challenges facing society in the medium and long term: how population growth, urban development and the inevitable concentration of people in urban areas can be compatible with protecting the environment and the adoption of innovative solutions.

The proposed theme “The Urban Era: towards the Sustainable City” represents a living platform for the exchange of models of and innovative practices for how future cities should look. It would be a melting pot of best practices and solutions on the subject, offering a unique opportunity for reflection and debate.

The Expo would be built around this theme intimately related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a United Nations initiative for its 2015-2030 agenda, and would actively contribute to achieving that agenda.

Proposed site

Located in the west of the city of Malaga, the Expo would occupy a 250,000m2 plot. Additional land west and east of the main plot would be allocated respectively for logistics and residents bringing the total land area to be developed to 800,000m2.

This proposed site is located in the city’s productive triangle next to the University of Málaga, the Málaga TechPark, the main business parks, the Málaga international airport and the Málaga Trade Fair and Congress Centre. This location already has a majority of the necessary communications infrastructure: airport, railway lines and the main highway intersection for the metropolitan area.

After the Expo, Malaga would take advantage of the new facilities to continue transforming the city by incorporating new productive and residential areas, as well as using the buildings for education, research and innovation.

About Malaga

Malaga is the sixth most populated city in Spain situated in a privileged location on the Mediterranean Sea, with excellent weather conditions, and is the gateway to the “Costa del Sol” and Andalusia.

Malaga is an economic and technological capital of Andalusia and the south of Spain. Partnerships with institutions and private companies have generated synergies that attract and retain experts and talented people.

Malaga boasts a total of 39 museums and exhibition centres, spanning almost 60,000m2 and hosts numerous events including the Málaga Spanish Film Festival.

Argentina’s candidature is for a Specialised Expo in San Carlos de Bariloche between 1 February and 30 April 2027 under the theme “Nature + Technology = Sustainable Energy. A viable future for humanity”.

All information is provided by the candidate.

Proposed theme

Expo 2027 Bariloche would be the ideal time and place to rethink our history, and create a new opportunity… A World that will position men and women at its heart; human energy will take its place in nature, while creating and implementing technologies that will enable true advances in people’s quality of life and well-being.

At Expo 2027 Bariloche, we would propose the necessary and indispensable encounter of two worlds, nature and technology, that come together in a series of concrete actions in favour of sustainable energies, harnessing human energy and creativity, a new beginning that guarantees the quality of life of a growing population, and at the same time care for biodiversity and the environment.

We, as humanity, have produced this present. We are now responsible for inventing a future.

From “The End of the Word”, a new beginning.


Proposed site

Expo 2027 Bariloche would be located on National Route 40, Argentina’s longest tourist route, which runs across the most attractive and important tourist regions of Argentina and runs parallel to the Andes mountain range from south to north.

Expo 2027 Bariloche would be held alongside this route, outlining a new large-scale node of local, regional and national relevance in the middle of the Patagonian steppe, with a dedicated area of 45,000m2 within a district of more than 320 hectares of industrial and business activities, thus making the whole area a landmark accelerator of the development of the City of Bariloche.

The proposed site features direct and nearby routes to the international airport, to INVAP —a prestigious applied research institute—, to the National University of Río Negro, to the City’s downtown area, and to its most relevant geographical and natural sites, the Nahuel Huapi Lake, and the mountains of the Andes.


About San Carlos de Bariloche

Located in the heart of the Nahuel Huapi National Park, on the southern shore of the eponymous lake, the city of San Carlos de Bariloche is one of the most scenic cities in the province of Río Negro, as well as one of the most important tourist centers in Argentina, and only 150 kilometres away from Chile.

It is the ideal combination of scenic beauty, service excellence, and boundless fun. Patagonia’s Tourist Capital draws an average of 650,000 tourists every year.