Earlier this week Osaka announced that they had chosen a bizarre, googly-eyed character as their logo for the upcoming Expo 2025 Osaka Kansai. And over the next 24 hours the Japanese public reception appeared to shift from utter confusion to disgust and then to adoring the little red creature. The public quickly warmed to Inochi no Kagayaki-chan, an endearing nickname borrowed from the Expo’s theme (in English - "Designing Future Society for Our Lives"), and opened their arms to it. From illustrators and bakers to knitters and even monks, remix culture quickly set in and social media has been buzzing with creations. Below are some of our favorites at Spoon & Tamago:

Naoki Saito, who is an official Pokemon Card illustrator, created this fantastic takoyaki-themed illustration

Kenta Matsunaga, who runs a bakery in Tokyo called Boulangerie BASSE, created this baked bread version of the logo

The illustrator Astero, who specialises in apocalyptic landscapes, created this rather terrifying scene

Expo 1970 meets Expo 2025 in this illustration by Itotani Siren

Buddhist monk Chikai Matsuzaki re-imagined the logo as prayer beads an created a short sermon based on the Expo theme

Manga artist Tsukumizu, known for the manga series Girls’ Last Tour (少女終末旅行), created this adorable illustration

Knitting studio Yoshieda Seisakujo knitted the logo

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