The Organisers of the 23rd edition of the International Exhibition of Triennale Milano presented a progress report to the 168th General Assembly of the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE), which took place via videoconference on 29 June 2021.

Following the recognition of the XXIII Triennale during the BIE’s 167th General Assembly in December 2020, the report was the opportunity for the Triennale Milano delegation to present updates on the development of the theme and international participation for the exhibition. The international exhibition will open to the public between 20 May and 20 November 2022 under the theme “Unknown Unknowns. An Introduction to Mysteries”.

Introducing the concept of the exhibition, the President of Triennale Milano, Stefano Boeri, informed Member States that the XXIII Triennale will “highlight the tendencies and contradictions of the present” through a “whole constellation” of exhibitions that will offer varying and interdisciplinary perspectives on the theme. This will include exhibits from international participants, who will contribute towards the overall exploration while engaging in “reciprocal interaction” with the other exhibitions.

Stefano Boeri, the President of Triennale Milano

The Curator of the 23rd International Exhibition of Triennale Milano, Ersilia Vaudo, expanded on the thematic exhibition, telling the General Assembly that the exhibits will start with a viewpoint from gravity and Planet Earth, before gradually moving away from what is known and towards the unknown, which will have a strong resonance for visitors. The curated exhibition will approach the “unknown” aspect of the theme by focusing on elements such as tools, maps and mathematics as means of communication. The interpretation of the theme will be carried out from an artistic – rather than a scientific – perspective, emphasised Ms Vaudo, adding that the subject is garnering “tremendous” interest among artists.

Ersilia Vaudo, the Curator of the 23rd International Exhibition of Triennale Milano

In addition to the international participations and thematic exhibition, the XXIII Triennale will feature a series of special projects to offer different points of view, both to visitors and other participants. Such projects will include an immersive installation marking the centennial of the International Astronomical Union, a thematic interpretation by Grand Invité Romeo Castellucci, and a special exhibition on mysteries and the unknown from the Paris-based Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain.

The President of Triennale Milano stated that, in line with its tradition, the exhibitions will be installed within the Palazzo dell’Arte, where the institution will continue to improve on its “mission of experimentation”. Besides, with less than a year until the event opens, experimental debate is already taking place via its dedicated podcast, From the Moon, the first episodes of which are already available online.