Special Exposition

15/05/1936 - 01/06/1935


Official Designation
ILIS International Aerospace Exhibition Stockholm 1936


Expo 1936 Stockholm, called ILIS 1936, was the first Specialized Exhibition to be recognised by the BIE during its 6th General Assembly on 23 October 1934. Dedicated to aviation, the Expo aimed at demonstrating aircraft achievements of the participating countries as well as the benefits of modern air service. The Expo coincided with the opening of Bromma, the first airport with paved runways in Europe.

The Expo was happening on two different locations within the city. Lindarängen , a seaplane airport, which is currently used as a ferry terminal, hosted the static displays showcasing airplanes, as well as engines and materials for aircrafts. Bromma airport was where competitions and air shows took place between air forces from different European countries, as well as among air carriers.

King Gustav V inaugurated the exhibition on the 15th of May 1936, while Bromma airport on the 23rd of May.

The participating countries were: Germany, England, Finland, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Switzerland, Canada and the Netherlands.